The Origin of Purity

Pure cashmere begins in the bitter cold mountains of Mongolia. In this harsh environment, cashmere goats grow the softest undercoat to keep warm. The finest and smoothest cashmere grows from the chest of the goat, and those hairs weave together the fabric that tells the story of Anna Kristine pure cashmere collection.

Pure cashmere is more than soft to the touch; it’s softest to the touch. Pure cashmere stays pure because the fiber attracts less dust, crumbs, or hair than other fibers. There’s nothing complicated about 100% cashmere. It’s soft, it’s simple, it’s clean, and that’s what makes it so pure.

Test the Purity of Your Cashmere


Hold it up to the light,
Pure cashmere has no sheen.


Look for tension in the knitting.
Stretch section and it should ping back into shape.


Rub it together.
Pure cashmere generates less static.